Carlos Pessoa Photography

Motorhome parking in Iceland

Black horses in the wild, Iceland

Three lambs, Iceland

Looking for shelter, Iceland

Pathway to heaven, Iceland

Gulfoss fall at Golden Circle, in Iceland

Winter dating, Iceland

Running water vs snow

Aurora Borealis 1, Iceland

Black Horses, Iceland


Crater of Laki, Iceland

Farm, Iceland

Horse by the cottage, Iceland

What a view, Iceland

Skogarfoss, Iceland

Small village by the Waterfall, Iceland

Small village, Iceland

Iceland Flag

Aurora Borealis 2, by the road, Iceland

Running water at Laki

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Aurora Borealis 3, in the woods, Iceland

Aurora Borealis 4, over the village, Iceland

Church by the full moon, Iceland

Reynisdrangar, black sand beach, Iceland

Inside the Ice cave in Iceland

Inside the ice cave




Inside the Ice cave, Iceland

Ice Caves in Vatnajokull